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The global demand for halal products is constantly increasing. In Canada only we count nearly 1 million muslim customers. Muslims require food products that are in conformity with halal norms and standards.

To meet this demand, products would need to be safe from contamination of non-halal substances and the only way to prove such compliance is with Halal Certification.

Don't keep missing the opportunity to reach this clientele and get Halal Certification from
Halalmontreal certification authority.

Halal Standards

The Quran has numerous rules instructing Muslims to choose and consume wholesome foodstuffs. In the selection of food and drink...

Halal Certification

Halal certification and supervision over food production is more and more observed by the muslim community at large both in Canada and the USA...

HMCA Mission

To successfully aid our customers, our integrity is critical, as is our ability to seek solutions which are beneficial to both...

Halal F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions
Gelatin,Non-alcoholic Beer...

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