Career with HMCA

HMCA is always on the lookout for people of great talent, passion and curiosity. Yes, and a whole lot more too.  It's exciting times at HMCA and we are poised to grow our team!

At HMCA we truly value the meaning of the word team.  Further, we also value the belief that life is short and we should make every effort to do our best each day in fulfilling what is responsible, supportive, and delivers the greatest quality of life for ourselves, our family, and our team members.  The road ahead at HMCA is one of great opportunity and challenges.  Interested to become part of our team and learn and contribute to needs of the growing Halal economy?  If so, please research about our passions and reach out to us as we open new positions.  Wondering if we’re hiring?  Go ahead and send us your inquiry and resume, we make every effort that someone will always respond.  

career with ISA

Halal Montreal Certification Authority(HMCA) plays a large role in the Halal industry both as an educator and a certifier.  HMCA partners with companies that specialize in the production of all consumable and non-consumable products and certifies those that are found to be Halal compliant.  HMCA upholds the Halal certification standards, protocols, rules and regulations that are monitored and/or enforced by the international Halal governing authorities and is a founding member of the World Halal Food Council.  A detailed analysis and qualification of all products and their ingredients, as well as, an inspection of manufacturing facilities are all part of the Halal certification process which helps ensure products are qualified as Halal and fit for Muslim consumption in accordance with Islamic law.