Global Halal Recognition

Established in 1998, Halal Montreal Certification Authority (HMCA) has become a world-renowned Halal services organization.

Over the years, there has been growing demand for Halal certified food products both domestically and internationally.  North American companies are seeking to tap into the growing global market for Halal products. With over an estimated one and half billion Muslims world-wide and a halal consumer base much larger, the demand for halal certified food products and non-consumables is most certainly burgeoning at home and abroad.  In the past, Halal consumers had to monitor what they purchased for consumption from their neighborhood retailers.  This included reading all ingredient labels, researching what was in prepared foods, calling food companies, bakeries, dairy companies and others to verify ingredients, and ensuring that restaurants prepared foods in a manner which was permissible.


HMCA is globally Halal recognized and accredited by World Halal Food Council (WHFC), JAKIM (Malaysia), BPJPH (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore), and other regulatory bodies. We not only provide Halal certification, but also educate and raise awareness regarding the topic of ‘Halal’. We participate in international seminars, conferences, and educational events to exchange our knowledge and expertise with others. Is your organization interested to learn how to approach the global Halal market? Great!  Give us a call to learn how HMCA can be of service.

Halal Accreditation

Halal certification helps compliant companies gain access to nearly a quarter of the world’s population. Halal is an Arabic word which simply means ‘permissible’. In today’s world Halal products are becoming more and more popular, as people are coming to know about its benefits.

Whether you want to capture the domestic or global Halal market of 1.6 billion consumers, you will need to obtain Halal certification from an internationally recognized organization like HMCA. Halal certifiers in the Canada are many, but few are internationally recognized and even fewer have HMCA’s level of service and support.

A woman holding a box labeled

Back in the day, when Muslim consumers  wanted Halal meats, some would find a farmer who would allow them to slaughter their own meat or seek other viable alternatives when Halal meat was not readily available.

Times have changed. In response, HMCA began inspecting and certifying facilities, processes and ingredients of companies in the food sector and other sectors like pharmaceuticals, health and beauty.  Halal certification by reputable bodies took the guesswork out of complying with Islamic requirements.

Becoming Halal compliant is essential if companies wish to enter and prosper in emerging Halal consumer-based market countries. Knowing which Halal certifier to work with and build a relationship is a critical step in this process and it is very important that the certifier is known and recognized by foreign regulatory agencies.  Rest assured, HMCA can certify all consumable and non-consumable products that comply with global Halal standards

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