Commitment to Service

Our Commitment to Service:

The mission of Halal Montreal Certification Authority is to provide long term economic and societal benefits by supporting the Halal industry and businesses in Canada and worldwide. To fulfill this mission, HMCA is committed and strives to achieve the following goals. :

  • Strengthen the Halal growing industry and business through the expertise that HMCA staff members have acquired over the years regarding Halal certification and its norms and standards.

  • Work with business, government and academia to promote the Halal business by providing quality standards.

  • Foster Halal industrial development and commercialization in Canada and worldwide.

As a Halal Certification Body , We commit to high ethical and profession standards that embody the principles of honesty, respect and fairness stated in the Holy Koran. We demonstrate ethical conduct and inspire trust as individuals and as an organization. Therefore, our efforts must be both collaborative and impartial. We provide guidance and support to companies wishing to broaden their market potential, be it in the public or the private sector. To successfully aid our customers, our integrity is critical, as is our ability to seek solutions, provide guidance, and promote and encourage collaborations as appropriate.

This often requires us to have a detailed understanding of the goals, technologies, applications, business and market data of our customers. We use this information to provide the aforementioned guidance and support. And therefore, our Halal certification marks are trusted by millions of people around the globe.